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Re: Captain America: The Winter Soldier pre-release thread

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Haley Atwell confirms that she will not be returning for the sequel.
Maybe a bad decision.

The Ultimate version of Cap had some very nice and emotional scenes that reunite Rogers, then old lady Gail (his love back in the 40s) and her husband Bucky Barnes who have aged considerably and can't believe to see Steve Rogers in the flesh as a young man in his prime (especially Gail who's afraid of Steve seeing her as an old woman).

It's was a very good way to show the passage of time and what Cap has lost and could be well adapted for the movie when they delve more into the man out of time aspect with Cap. Ii sure hope they do so.. this was always a defining trait with Cap to show his old fashioned ways sometimes to remind us that not everything from ages past is useless or doesn't have its place in modern times.
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