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Re: Was Voyager better?

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Oh!! of course Voyager is better than TNG...

Voyager was an original Story,exploring space,new worlds,yet it still had amazing characters like Seven of Nine and her quest to be Human,the Doctor had some of the most unorthodox and loved episodes in Trek history,Janeway,B'elana...not to mention TNG was sexist,females are like robots,at least in Voyager you see emotions in the crew,you had some good action,amazing CGI and the Borg!!!

In TNG you had boring episodes,people talking and talking and talking,Holodeck drama,frigid girls,barely any action,not epic at all,spiritual beings and space monsters...the only good thing about TNG was the sexy Will Riker and Data and the fact that they introduced the Borg/Cardassians/Ferengi/Maquis etc...we thank TNG for that,it helped make VOY and DS9 awesome.

I think TNG would have been a lot better if it was like the movies and movies are more like Voyager so TNG would be great if it was more like Voyager .
Original as in:

Space the Final Frontier these are the voyages of the starships Enterprise it's five year mission ......

Original as in:

Space the Final Frontier these are the voyages of the starships Enterprise it's continuing mission...

I could go on.

And just because a show lacks action doesn't detract from it, Voyager was hardly epic the closest thing Trek ever did to epic was DSN. VOY had the potnetial to be epic if they had dared to take risks but more often or not they played it safe.

Poor SFX can be overlooked for a great story, but the best SFX in the world can't make up for a lack of a great story.

That being said the best thing about VOY was Robert Picardo as the EMH, and Voyager did have it's moments.
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