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Re: Vorta telepathic abilities

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I wish they used it more as well,i remember watching my brother play a DS9 video game where if you attack a Vorta they will use it on you,it was so cool.
Yeah, in "The Fallen" you can fight more or less evenly with a telekinetic Vorta by wielding a Breen-style shock-stick (amazing what you can find in a FPS!). But it does hurt.

Perhaps in the "real" Trek universe, those telepathic bolts were a prominent characteristic of the Kurillian species that Eris claimed to be a member of, and Eris was given this ability in case our heroes had already heard rumors about this species and would see a discrepancy if Eris lacked the ability?

In this theory, the ability would serve no practical use in other contexts, and would not be introduced to all Vorta. Either it was a harmless light show (and both Sisko's stunning and the breaking of the forcefield barrier were faked with technology), or it was a semi-decent stunning tool but not really worth the hassle (much like in "The Fallen").

Timo Saloniemi
hehe well that is true,but it would have given the Vorta more character and allowed them to be more then just the brains behind the Jem'hadar. i think its scary to know that someone can do that to you :P it makes them more imposing.
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