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Re: Most hated conversations

teacake wrote: View Post
I do not want to hear all about the measurements and what the builder said and why it will be so great to have 2 more feet of wardrobe space.
Heh, that's one of the things I forgot to mention: "what the builder said". These people are constantly complaining about the professionals they hire to work on their home renovations, and they want to you sympathize with them and feel as concerned about their ordeal as if they were telling you about their time in Pol Pot's re-education camps.

Robert D. Robot wrote: View Post
(Also, we just renovated our kitchen and two bathrooms last year, so we may be guilty parties in your book, Mirrorball Man! Although we did much of the work ourselves, so much of the story would be humorous bits about how we messed up as we learned what NOT to do. No boring stories about picking out paint colors, trim, or floor coverings. Just stories about ceilings dropping in on us, bad wiring that should have resulted in our stove exploding, and things that we found when we tore out the walls.... )
Oh, those types of stories are perfectly alright.
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