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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

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Richard Basehart made up for all of them. I could watch him read the backs of cereal boxes.
FOW! Speaking of which, I spewed out my cereal this morning when I read this.

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I got into Trek when I was 4 in the early 70's, which then turned me onto all Sci-Fi TV. I loved LiS as much as Trek in those days. Then, as I got older, I drank in Space:1999, Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes, Galactica, Buck Rogers...and never once did I understand the fan compartmentalization, choosing between one or the other. So many fans seems to hate the other shows in favor of one and I just didn't get it. Still don't.

To this day, I can go from a top class Trek to any episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and have the same amount of joy in the watching. But there ya go.
I tend to have the same affinity for sci-fi TV shows, being able to watch a range of quality and enjoy various aspects of each. With LiS, I definitely identified with Will Robinson and so the show had a special feeling for me that Star Trek couldn't give. But of course as I got older that faded away, especially as the hokey qualities started becoming more apparent. Still, there were some episodes that were very gripping. I loved the one with Robby the Robot making an appearance. And seeing Michael Rennie appear as the zoo keeper, extending his Klaatu persona from "The Day The Earth Stood Still" was fun. There was also the anti-matter episode with the "evil" duplicates of John Robinson and Major West, which had great edgy darkness to it not found in most of the series. The dry ice pathway across the cosmos backdrop was such a terrific visual. Things like this still make me appreciate LiS.

UFO was a big hit with me. When I first watched it, it was during my budding fascination with all things British. Ah, the Brits can have their own space program too and even superior to the USA! I was so pissed off that it was canceled after just 26 episodes. CBS did the show a disservice, putting it on a time slot that condemned it to death. While Space:1999 was certainly superior to UFO in the arena of special effects, I simply couldn't swallow the impossibility of the moon being blasted out of orbit. Another major Anderson traipse into physical law violations. Yet, many aspects of the show made up for this to a degree. It didn't surprise me that it couldn't survive past 2 seasons.
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