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Re: Surviving Vulcan Elders.

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However, there is a risk of making of things worse. For instance, let's forget Prime Spock for minute, who could share more advanced tech, but, let's say someone else traveled back and prevented the encounter with the Borg at Wolf 359. If the Federation hadn't been devastated by the Borg, they wouldn't have ramped up their military tech, and therefore, would've been conquered by the Dominion, because Wolf 359 put them on a footing where they were able put up a good fight. Or maybe stopping the Doomsday Device 3 years earlier, prevents it from destroying a Civilization that rises up to eventually destroy the Federation. Even saving someone, could result in the saved ending up leading to a threat down the road.
With all due respect, this is a weak argument.
Eh, tell that to any Science Ficton story that subscribes to "don't step on a butterfly". The odds are pretty even, if you cure a plague, that one of those who died in the time line, lives in this timeline and grows up to become he next Hitler and is personaly responsible for the death of just as many millions as were saved by curing the plague. We have to look no further than Edith Keeler herself, it was a good honorable, noble thing, and dfinitely the right thing to do to save her life, but, look what she went on to cause when she wasn't killed. So, I assume you believe City on the Edge of Forever is a weak episode, since it is TOS and uses the very same argument?
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