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Welcome back! I'm pleased to see your return... I always enjoyed your posts!

I recall your Trek-Formers contest, I had fun with that one... my entry was an Autobot whose alt-form was an old Constitution-class starship.

I love your revamping of the BoP Starscream. I love the idea behind your Megatron, but I think he may be too stiff as drawn. He reminds me more of the (frankly terrible) original Megatron toy which was a beautifully convincing gun, but a pretty awkward looking robot. I do like his forehead details though...

Your freshened up starship designs are excellent. I'm equally reminded of Eaves' and Drexler's work when I look at them.. maybe even some of Sternbach's style from later in Voyager. I almost want to suggest you try to clean up your line-work, but I kinda like the wobbly-ness of it... gives the drawing a sketchier, more energetic feel.

I love it!

Thanks for the welcome back! And to be compared to Eaves and Drexler and Sternbach is a bit much but thank you! Oh yes my line work, I have always had a looser pen technique, it is why I am not a draftsman, I like the freedom to be sketchy.
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