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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

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Well, to be totally accurate, Lost in Space did use mattes in the first couple of episodes. The J2 in space were mostly done by superimposing the model. You can see the telltale "see through the shadows" during the meteor shower sequence, or the bottom of the ship disappearing in some shots. All of the in space footage in the unaired pilot was done this way. It actually wasn't until the second season that the model was hung against a space background full time. They used that method only for a few shots at first in the initial episodes of the series.

I'm not that anxious to get LiS on pristine Blu-Ray mainly because all of the strings will mostly likely suddenly become very obvious. I would, however, like better prints than what we already have.

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It was Lost in Space that got me into sci-fi. I remember being about 7 years and thinking Star Trek was boring. I much preferred Lost in Space to Star Trek at the time.
I got into Trek when I was 4 in the early 70's, which then turned me onto all sc-fi TV. I loved LiS as much as Trek in those days. Then, as I got older, I drank in Space:1999, Logan's Run, Planet of the Apes, Galactica, Buck Rogers...and never once did I understamd the fan compartmentalization, choosing between one or the other. So many fans seems to hate the other shows in favor of one and I just didn't get it. Still don't.

To this day, I can go from a top class Trek to any episode of Voyage to the Bottom of the Sea and have the same amount of joy in the watching. But there ya go.
Don't forget Land of the Lost and The Six Million Dollar Man!
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