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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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^ They may be, but for my money, I'd much rather see a group of people like the TNG cast who get together on stage, have a lot of fun, and obviously love each other. That's far more entertaining in my book than hearing embittered actors air their dirty laundry.
Yup, exactly what I was saying and I agree 100%. Much better to see a group who respect each other and have fun together.

The TOS situation used to detract from my enjoyment slightly. Not any more but I had to get to a state where the actor situation didn't influence my enjoyment of the series.

Mr Awe
I've always been able to completely divorce the ego/personality of any Trek actor from the beloved characters portrayed on screen.
Definitly. If Doohan is standing there hating Shatners guts while giving great line readings...then all credit to Doohan.
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