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^ I see what you mean. Individual episodes can zip by pretty fast if you're really into the show. I'd hate to have to wait a week or several months to see what happens next.

I finished 3x14 last night and I'm enjoying the show more than ever. The drama is pure gold. Pun intended. I'm surprised to see that Kevin Connolly is supposed to be the lead and head of the pack. All these years, I thought that Adrian Grenier's character Vincent Chase was the lead. Vince can be likeable most of the time, but he can be annoying too. He's shortsighted and makes a lot of impulsive decisions that affect his career and finances. Of course, the Warner Bros studio head we saw isn't any better and doesn't help. It's interesting to get a look into the ugly side of the business even if it's dramatized for tension and/or entertainment value. One minor issue I have with the show though, is that we hear that Vince is a big star doing big movies, but we don't actually see much of that. I'm willing to let that slide a bit though because it's supposed to be about his personal life and friends, his entourage, which the show really excels at. There's a lot of heart along with the sharp and witty writing. And the inclusion of so many celebrities playing themselves is a pretty impressive bonus.
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