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I can read a comic from the 2000's in just a few minutes. It's the stuff from the 60's that takes a while to read because they spelled out every little detail for you.
Also because comics today have become so decompressed. It used to be that comics routinely had up to 9 panels per page, often quite crowded with speech balloons and captions. These days it's more typical to have 2-4 panels per page and relatively little text. Back then you could have 2-3 complete stories crammed into one issue, now it typically takes 4-6 issues to tell one story because comics are written with the trade paperback compilations in mind.
I would be interested in hearing your opinions on decompression in modern comics. Personally, I find it somewhat annoying as a comics reader of the 80's and early 90's. I've always read that writers today are made to "write for the trade", but I can't confirm the accuracy of that statement.
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