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Re: Star Trek/Lost In Space: Any Difference?

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It was Lost in Space that got me into sci-fi. I remember being about 7 years and thinking Star Trek was boring. I much preferred Lost in Space to Star Trek at the time. I hope that they will release Lost in Space on Blu-ray at some Point. I believe that the effects were all shot and composited on film so they would not have the same problem as Star trek had.
Well, with the exception of the "tumbling thorugh time" sequence from The Time Tunnel, all of the space and sea efx from Allen's series were practical miniature vehicles, sets or space backdrops--very much the Lydecker school of EFX.

That said, the Blu-ray advantage for such EFX is that they did not use bluescreen, so there's no need for clean-up of things such as matte boxes, the transparency problem seen in many 1970s - 80s composite shots, etc.

I would love to see the Blu-ray treatment of that.
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