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Re: Most hated conversations

I've often thought of starting this topic. These hatreds have formed over many years of listening to this stuff. Yes this is very harsh

These are my three most hated conversations, lots of other stuff I can't stand but makes me laugh on some level. These are just unbearable.

1. Home renovations. No I do not want to hear all about your tile selection process. I do not want to hear all about what color grout you are using in the bathroom. I do not want to hear all about the measurements and what the builder said and why it will be so great to have 2 more feet of wardrobe space. I am absolutely bored to death by this topic and I probably wouldn't notice this stuff in your house if I went there every week and it suddenly changed. PLEASE SHUT UP. Surely you can see I've glazed over and am not even making the required grunts of approval.

2. Your diet. This particularly applies if you are on some food combination diet that offers magical promises while enslaving you into its mumbo jumbo bondage. The classic scenario I've sat through so many times is I'm having lunch with someone who begins the meal telling me all about how she can't really be eating what she ordered, really she shouldn't.. it will do this, this, this, this and this to her. Then she eats it. Then she spends the rest of the meal telling me all about the stuff she will have to do to make up for this, what she will have to not eat tonight, what she will have to not eat tomorrow and if food intolerances are involved how she is now going to suffer because of this lunch. This is not conversation and I do not care.

3. The 12 Steps. That's nice, good for you I'm glad it's working out and now please stop interjecting the freaking 12 steps into every single discussion. How would you feel if I thought quoting one of the 10 Commandments every other sentence was conversation? You'd think I was a bit of a religious nut now, wouldn't you.You'd get sick of it mighty fast. Well imagine how I feel when your response to anybody's difficulties in life is to remind them that the first step is to admit that we are powerless.. maybe that's what we were bitching about did you ever think of that?!

Oh and while we're at it I know you've been sober for 12, 13, 14, 15 years because you've been telling me this for that long and it's still not a normal response to my saying I went to see the Hobbit.

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