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Re: TOS Enterprise WIP

Hmm... Why not go for the even greater asymmetry of only having such a feature on one side?

When Jim and Lenore arrive at this facility, they do so from the direction of the "anteroom". How does one reach this catwalk level if the "anteroom" is facing aft? The characters would have to have arrived along a corridor already featuring a view, but Lenore "still" appears surprised by said view when going for the inward windows. Lenore would probably also have to have walked on the flight deck itself in order to reach the "arrival corridor", further spoiling the surprise!

Also, "anteroom forward" gives more lateral space around that fancy grille, and the design could certainly use the room - why block a narrow path with the thing?

Eliminating the "incorrectly" facing starboard facility would leave room for something potentially more interesting, something that this facility helps monitor. Say, a really long rectangular elevator extending all the way from the starboard outer hull to beneath this observation area, for moving those larger shuttles (and for echoing the similarly placed TMP shuttlecraft elevators).

Timo Saloniemi
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