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Re: The West Wing now on Netflix

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I've heard there's a doco special feature on (US?) boxed set which has interviews with real-life politicos, and some deleted scenes. I'd like to see those when finish S7. That debate episode was interesting
A lot of the special features are on Youtube, including the documentary special. Honestly, they're not great, but I'd still like to hear some of the commentaries.

bigdaddy wrote: View Post
The thing I really like is his plan had them being Christains and not Muslims. I'm being vague for the newbies. He would connect it more to the season 1 storyline.

shivkala wrote: View Post
That is awesome! Thanks! But, you left out Mrs. Landingham.
I left out a lot of minor characters, I included Donna because she joins the main cast in season 2, although you could probably have figured out her job on your own.

And directs White House Tours when Leo wants to mess with him, right?
He also gets Sam to write birthday ̶c̶a̶r̶d̶s̶ messages.

So, to be clear, she answers to Josh and she answers to Toby, right? I talked to my sister today and she echoed the comments in this thread: no one likes Mandy and she's gone fairly quickly.
Not quickly enough, sadly. Because Mandy has no real role on the show, most of her scenes are detours from the plot that exist purely to justify her being in the cast, and that makes an already annoying character super-annoying.

I liked how they addressed and quickly brushed off the issue of race in terms of Charlie by making a big deal about it and being told by an Admiral it's not a big deal.
They played it off as no big deal, but it kind of was a bit of a deal at the time. After casting the pilot, they found themselves in the uncomfortable position of having an all-white cast and they came under some criticism from the NAACP for it. That's why they cast black actors for Charlie and Admiral Fitzwallace.
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