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Re: Enterprise-C Bridge Layout

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Bry: here, under "Bridgs_Ambassador" -

I see the E-C bridge as presented as acceptable - it shares a similar minimalist layout as the E-D bridge, with three aft stations, CO, plus two (or four if you believe that the forward console is manned - I'm not one of those :P) forward stations. All that's missing is flanking chairs for the CO and a tactical rail. Also, the Stargazer and Hathaway (and Lantree, if you want to go that far) had similar minimalist bridges. Hathaway is literally the same set piece, too.

Yep, that's the one! Thanks for finding it. I always felt this to be a much more logical representation of a step between Enterprises B and D...

Stargazer and Hathaway, being older vessels by probably a further 40 years over the Ent-C, I had no problem with using that bridge layout. But for the forerunner to the Galaxy class it's a little too limited by budgetary constraints IMO.

I do like the idea of the rear stations continuing round the circumference of the bridge though, to give a full-sized module. That could have been interesting.
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