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Re: Season TWO OFFICIAL TNG Blu-Ray Discussion Thread

I got season 2 on blu ray for Christmas and I think it is a terrific set. Yes, I will admit the remastered work done by HTV is not as good as CBD Digital's work for season 1 but I think there is some amazing work done here and still looks a lot better than the original SD versions of the episodes. Watched Q Who yesterday and I thought it looked great, the new matte painting works well for me and I can see why they changed it as the orignal had brush strokes which showed up on HD and it is great seeing the episodes without the blur that was created when the film was transferred to video tape.

The thing is are what are people doing with their DVD sets. I loaned season 1 to a friend and said she can hold onto it because after seeing season 1 on blu I don't think I can go back to DVD, the picture on SD of season 1 had a very pinkish purplish hue and it is great to see the episodes with the right colours now. It is hard to go back to the DVDs when you realise how much the SD transfers had wrong colour correction. And it is cool that all the original features have been ported over along with the new stuff.
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