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Re: Movie Caption Contest #228: A great way to start the year.

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Crusher: Jean-Luc, we need to talk.

Picard: What is it, Beverly?

Crusher: Wesley isn't your son.

Picard: What?

Crusher: It gets better, he's you from an alternate universe where your hair didn't fall out.

TFTW, Leadhead!

Picard: I've asked you both here to help me source a new hair guy.
Crusher: What makes you think we know a good hair guy?
Picard: I've scanned your carpet. Or should I say, your hardwood flooring. Who does your drapes?
Riker: Thank you for inviting me for this, Captain.
Picard: Indeed, Number One.

Is that Jim? Ask him if he's got my disco medallion!
Patience, Doctor, I am waiting for him to complete his massage instructions.


Ilia and I will now demonstrate how to use a condom.



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