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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

Well at first we assumed that Chakotay was from that colony of Indians from that TNG episode where Wes transubstantiated (based on the TOS episode here Kirk plays hookey after a bump to the head.) who had been transplanted by Godlike aliens to some place safe in space, because it was an origin story about the Maquis and the chartering of the Federation treaty with Cardassia.

Chuckles really tied the the subplots together.

TNG and DS9 had been building towards Chakotay just like the Hulk, Captain America, Thor and Iron Man movies had been Building towards the Avengers.


Berman, Taylor, et all, didn't just drop the ball on this one, they told the ball to go fuck itself.

"Um. He's from Earth not space. Space Indians, that's ridiculous. Yeah, there are still Indians on Earth that are totally completely into their culture despite world war three, just like Picard is completely into how French he is despite sounding so British... Yeah. But even so, our guy's a rebel, Chakotay doesn't want to know about this bows and arrows crap, becuase he's a superior 24th century citizen of the universe who all but hates being reminded that he's an Indian until he meets the alien hybrids remnants (This was either an elaborate hoax or they were extremely inbred to escape the notice of civilization. I'm thinking it was a hoax. Chakotay's father paid this troop of conmen to kick his son in the ass for being such a damn sour pus.) his people used to worship as gods, as a teenager on a bush hike, and that's when he (re)embraces that his tribe were the most special Indians of all because Aliens used to have sex with his ancestors who constructed a religion to grease up the sexual quid pro quo for the protection racket they were running."


Imagine if they stuck to the plan? If Chakotay tells a story to kathryn over a candle light dinner and a little too much wine about one of his ancestors named Kirok who saved the world at the expense of his beautiful wife, who just happened to be a distant great great grand aunt of his.


Which sums up that Chakotay, by marriage at least is tentatively related to the James. T Kirk and is a frakking legacy to TOS, which force an increase in TOS DVD sales!

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