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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

God, who really cares? Actors are in their own tiny little world. There are a bunch of people involved with Star Trek that had a far larger impact than George Takei or Nichelle Nichols who most people don't even know the name of. They probably worked harder and longer hours than any of the actors who got paid far more than they did. The behind the scenes people who rigged up special effects shots or made sure that Nimoy's ears stayed glued on or those who stayed extra hours away from their families to build those famously shitty and classic alien worlds.

But since we see the faces and hear the voices of these glorified extras like george effin' takei they have more weight and people actually seem to give a shit what they say. God knows why. The man was lucky to have an regular TV acting gig at all. Look, he seems like a very friendly guy for the most part, but plenty of people are friendly guys, and he's clearly not anything special talent wise, and neither were most of the other glorified extras who embellish and exaggerate their star trek related stories year after year on the convention circuit.

Do something other than Star Trek for once in your life and maybe we'll take you more seriously when you bitch and moan about your far more talented co-stars from 45 years ago.
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