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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

While Voyager could've been better, I will say that a Roddenberryesque approach was the last thing it needed. It took Roddenberry dying before anyone would even admit Starfleet was a military, despite it's primary mission being exploration.

Voyager really had all the tools it needed to be successful. The Maquis element was a great idea that was just poorly executed. The lost in space theme was an interesting concept too, if not wholly original. The crew had the potential to be pretty good too.

In execution it really was the most disappointing of all the Trek series to me. Note I don't say the worst of them all, just the most disappointing. It had all the pieces it needed from the start to really be great.

Chakotay started off REAL interesting in Caretaker and then basically got relegated to the background. So did the whole Maquis concept. They did the "will they get home" episode format WAY too early and WAY too often. Too many characters were just underdeveloped. They never figured out what they wanted to do with Kes, Torres took the angry snarling Klingon cliche to an extreme, and Kim well... fell completely flat. At least DS9 made an effort to improve on Bashir when this happened to his early version. Then on the other hand you have Paris who can do everything. Likable character, but hard to believe you have a superman anti-hero Mary Sue. Kim and Torres could've absorbed some of his strengths easy enough. Harry being the history expert and sci-fi fan to appeal to the fans, Torres designing the shuttles and engines from scrap while being a go-to commando, while Paris could still be the womanizing flyboy and be entertaining.

I went into Voyager pretty psyched. I wanted to love this show, I wanted it to be the best of all the Trek series. All the pieces were there from the beginning for some dramatic stories. Heck, TNG/DS9 both each pretty much spent entire episodes setting up the Maquis backstory for them to just completely ignore it pretty much. Voyager really could've been so much more.
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