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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest

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It could be my imagination, but in III there was supposed to be a scene where Sulu gets offered command of Excelsior. It happens around the same time Kirk contacts him about stealing the Enterprise. I could be remembering a scene from the book, though.
OK. I don't see how that scene would have served the needs of the plot (i.e., Kirk escaping from Captain Pompous on his pompous new ship). If it was there, however, I'd be curious as to why it was there. Did Takei make demands?
You'd need someone to say if it is in the book or not since I don't have it to confirm the scene is there or just my misremembering. It's absence doesn't change the flow of the movie. If there were anything to add, I'd rather it were how Uhura ran electronic interference for the get away and got out of the transporter station and to the Vulcan Embassy for asylum.
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