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Re: Season 4: Just how much of it can be called Fanwank?

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How did "Daedalus" ignore ENT continuity?
The Enterprise is sent to the distant "The Barrens" where there are no stars for 100 light years. It turns out, well before the first Warp-5 ship, the Ericksons knew of this distant area and travelled there to do transporter tests. Then some plain ol' ship comes and picks them up at the end.

Remember back in "Broken Bow" and then "First Flight" when it was clear that the Warp 5 engine was a hundred times faster than was possible with the previous generation of warp engines, which were limited by the Warp 2 barrier? That the Enterprise could do in days or weeks what previously took years and years? How Travis said that they'd be doing runs that took his family's ship years to do? That Warp 5 engines would put other ships out of business?

Did the Ericksons take a ship that took years to get to the Barrens? Will that ship that picks them up take years to get back?

The NX-01 is supposed to be the fastest vessel by far. Now the Barrens are just a hop, skip, and jump for every Tom, Dick, and Harry starship. And if it is really so close, why send the super-fast NX-01?

In Season 5, the NX-01 just hung around the neighbourhood like any ol' ship, just like the E-D did after the first season or two of TNG. There was virtually nothing about this episode that couldn't have turned into a TNG episode simply by changing the charter's names.
They got a ride with the Vulcans.
Does helping humans to invent light-year-range transporters sound like something the Vulcans would do?

At the end of the episode, the Sarajevo isn't a known Vulcan design, and Archer says that it "will be returning Emory and Danica to Earth." Are they ready for a years-long trip?
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