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Re: New Candid Denise Crosby Interview

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Also, interesting tidbit about her being asked about Nemesis. Berman said he couldn't see Sela coming back and here I am thinking, "I can". Man if I had done Nemesis and brought back Nimoy (If he would want to do it), Katsulas, and Denise Crosby as Sela, I think that movie could have been one of the best films in the franchise.
There are dozens of ways they could have brought Sela back, but I especially like this. I think this crew would have made for an amazing story and would have been wildly successful.
Yeah. They wanted to do something special to end TNG's run but they did the wrong story. They had the backstory for Nemesis if done right, and that was reunification. They also had the idea that the Romulans had just helped the Federation win the war against the Dominion. If you're going to do a romulan story, go all the way and bring back the idea of Reunification. You can still do a lot of what they did in the movie (Like killing Data, or at least give him a much more powerful death) and the movie can end with not only Riker moving on, but showing a sign of Reunification by actually delivering Jerok's letter home. Now you've just completed one of TNG's more popular story arcs (Everything dealing with the romulans) and given the audience a sense of, yeah this is the TNG I remember. You can have all the action you want, mainly because it's a movie, but the heart of it will still be true TNG. I still think Nemesis was Berman's greatest missed opportunity, for all the crap that he gets. I would have loved to see that kind of movie.
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