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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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... I find it hard to conceive that someone would dislike AbramsTrek over some idealist vision of what THEY think the future will be like.
I’m not aware of anyone like that, but some of the people Greg Cox mentioned might be I suppose. For me it is not a matter of what I think the future will be like. I'm not sure, though I’m hopeful of course.

... why would Abrams' depiction of the 23rd century cause anyone to automatically dislike his film?
I was trying to avoid going over old ground, but you did ask.

I am interested in what TOS implies its future will be like. In ST09 we meet a group of four individuals in a certain bar, who would appear to be more at home in a local Hell’s Angles chapter. Already this raises questions: Are such people common place in ST’s optimistic future? If not, how did Starfleet’s vetting procedures allow people with obvious anger and discipline issues in as a job lot?

Now it has been suggested on this forum by those apparently in the know, that beating up someone in that fashion would earn members of at least some current military organisations a quick termination of their employment, if nothing else. In ST09 they were all on the same shuttle as Kirk the next morning.

Does that mean 23rd century Starfleet has more constructive solutions to such problems, despite failing to do anything based on their entry screening tests of these characters? Great, I’m impressed. But I'd like to know it exist at least. If the fight is that important to the movie, spend 10 seconds letting us know about these new messures somehow. Hopefully in an entertaining or even dramatic manner. I would prefer that to finding out how Bones got his nickname.

Personally I don’t find it acceptable to assume fans will fill in the gaps, especially since these guys probably shouldn’t still be there. Alter all, this is a serious issue and could have been far worse without Pike’s timely intervention. Uhura’s comments made no impression on them. Couldn't she whistle loud enough? There was really no reason to ignore it except the makers didn't think it important enough, or didn't think about it at all.

There are of course other issues of this nature in the movie. But that was the first and I took an instant dislike to it. Had they made some concession to making a Trek I could respect in that regard, despite other shortcomings, I would probably be closer to BillJ's camp.
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