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Re: New Candid Denise Crosby Interview

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Also, interesting tidbit about her being asked about Nemesis. Berman said he couldn't see Sela coming back and here I am thinking, "I can". Man if I had done Nemesis and brought back Nimoy (If he would want to do it), Katsulas, and Denise Crosby as Sela, I think that movie could have been one of the best films in the franchise.
I agree completely. It was just one huge missed opportunity to not involve any of the Romulan characters established in TNG, or Spock for that matter. It would be like if First Contact made no mention of Picard's previous dealings with the Borg or Khan's character had been replaced with some new creation with all the same background and motives. It's as if Nemesis exists in its own separate universe where the TNG crew have had no dealings with the Romulans before.

If anything, this just goes to highlight the creative fatigue of those in charge of trek during that time. Abrams version of Star Trek may not be perfect or ideal, but I at least find it more fun and entertaining than the final years of the Berman and Braga train wreck.

On the other hand, I don't think taking the combadge was as much of an insult as she seems to think it is. What's important to remember is that she chose to leave so its not like he was kicking her out and rubbing it in. She decided she didn't want to be there and for the rest of them that chose to stay, it was a way to acknowledge that she was no longer part of the group.

I can't believe I'm defending Berman against anything...but I didn't see it as insulting. Perhaps in poor taste or simply a bad joke, but not insulting.
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