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Re: La-La Land to release 15-disc original series score set

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Not to mention that it would be a real shame if the tone of this thread drove off one of the people we owe so much to for their work in creating this set.

But I suspect this thread will morph a few more times. We are all still in the very early stages of delving into this music. It's only been ~3 wks, right? I haven't even listened to it all. And I will probably spend time re-creating the Paradise Syndrome and Enemy Within suites from original cues, before even listening to the Duning and the rest of the Courage.

Point being, we will continue to make various discoveries in the next several weeks, and we'll post about them and kick them around a bit. We will probably get a provisional ID on Dalen's cue, and on other cues that people ask about in the future. Someone will post something interesting on one composer's evolution over seasons. Etc. So I think the tone of this thread is nowhere near finalized. I kind of expect a more collegial tone to emerge as we all get into it a bit more, and start finding answers to each other's questions.

Who knows, I myself may even mellow into someone less argumentative.
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