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Re: Does It Get Better???

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I dunno. Voyager's characters did seem cliche in a lot of ways.

Janeway was the self-parody in a lot of ways. Completely inconsistent, she'll be preachy about her ethics one week and perfectly willing to break them the next week.

Chakotay was well... dull. A few Indian cliches are all that define him. I can think of only two episodes he was really interesting in. The pilot(where I thought I was going to love this guy at the time) and Scorpion(where species 8472 briefly provides him with a functional pair of cajones).

The EMH was easily my favorite character, and he carried a LOT of episodes by himself, but he can't do it all.

Paris, well... let's see, he's a pilot, a field medic, commando, history expert, can design spaceships all by himself, oh and is a sci-fi fan.... can we say Mary Sue? Funny how all the Starfleet people in the pilot didn't want him around. Oh and they all died... well Chakotay didn't, but he lost his testicles in that episode.

Torres... well, her character traits include yelling at people, smashing people, fixing things and breaking them. She's angry all the time, but never over anything solid.

Kim... yeah, he's boring. Even his crew members thought that.

Kes... interesting premise, but poor execution. It might have been interesting seeing her explore her mental abilities, but the writers could never figure out what to do with her. So she got ditched.

Neelix... what a jerk. He forces himself into every situation, has to be the center of attention, gets jealous to the point of stalking, and is generally annoying. Frankly I have no idea why Janeway even trusted him after he lied to them and got them captured in the pilot.

Seven... well she was interesting. She had a perfectly calibrated pair of Borg spheres and that outfit was perfec--- oh her personality. She was a jerk. A hot jerk, but a jerk. It was amusing for awhile, but then got old. Then in season 7 they just literally hit a button and say. "You're human now! You have emotions!" and she falls for Chuckles... yeah.
I always thought Paris was the guy who sees through the fourth wall. Or..Us.

"Well, let's just delete the evil hologram and let my wife die"

"That's it. No more Captain Proton."

"Well, it's just you, me and the rocks, Tuvok."

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