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Re: Star Wars: The Old Republic anticipation thread.

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I will say, the quickbar restriction is starting to bug me now. I've had to discard some useful abilities because I just don't have room for them there, and other things (like relics) are slightly annoying to use. I'm enjoying the game a lot, though. Enough that I think I'll end up buying something from the shop to unlock the extra 2 preferred status quickbars at some point.

Yeah, same here. I'll likely end up doing that soon as it's quite restrictive otherwise. I'll likely end up getting more medical probes to revive myself with. It really does change the dynamic, as you mentioned before, and this way I'd kill two birds with one stone.

And yeah, I'll miss Tatooine too. I kind of wish they'd make you return to some of the planets later on, but I guess the game's a bit too linear for that.

I didn't mind Coruscant so much, but it's more the fact that Nar Shadaa was too similar, so much so that everything could have taken place on the same planet.

Finally made that balloon journey thanks to Clegg's instructions. Even had an Imperial along with me and we had fun dancing around during the trip.
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