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Re: Confessions: You do it and you know it is bad

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I touch things in museums. It's awesome.
You'd love the Ontario Science Centre. I took my ex there a couple of years ago, when he came up for a visit. It took us about two hours to get through the corridor from the entrance to the main hall, because they had rock samples dated all the way back to a few billion years ago along the wall. They're bolted down, but there's nothing covering them, and you're actually supposed to touch them. I think he touched every single one, because he was just blown away by the idea of being allowed to touch things. (Pretty much every exhibit in the place is interactive. I think the only thing they don't let you touch is the liquid nitrogen in the chemistry demonstration, because someone would probably hit their hand against the wall, lose a few fingers when they shattered, and sue.)

We didn't even get to see the whole place - it took so long to get through that hallway that they were closing by the time we got through the forensics exhibit. Oops.

On the main topic... occasionally, if I realize that I've been given the wrong amount of change when I'm buying lunch (as in, they've given me too much), I don't correct them. I figure they owe me a few quarters back here and there as punishment for not listening. When they ask if I want my sub toasted, and I say "no", that doesn't mean "put it in the toaster anyway." And when they ask me if I want it "for here or to go," and I say "for here," and I've already put my drink down on a tray, that doesn't mean wrap it up in a takeout bag. And at Wendy's or Popeye's, giving the combo number, specifying Coke to drink, and saying "for here" should be sufficient. I shouldn't have to place my order as: "Small combo #4, with a Coke, for here. Coke. For here. #4. For here. Coke." (I'm not exaggerating. The local Wendy's only has one employee who gets it right every time. Popeye's doesn't even have that.) I figure the extra 15 cents they gave me in my change is compensation for wasting my time.
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