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Re: Tomorrow: 20 Years Ago

I watched the first 5 seasons religiously, but then I went to college and didn't have a TV Freshman year, so I had to rely on the few times when the TV in the common area was free. It helped having the dorm advisor and my R.A. be sci-fi fans, which is how I saw "Sacrifice of Angels" before most of the episodes that preceded it during season 6.

I remember watching the pilot and enjoying it. Even better my 8th grade science teacher was a fan and I got every single of his Trek themed bonus points on tests correct. Most were TOS questions, but he did have a DS9 one in honor of the pilot.

More importantly, after being one of only 2 kids who watched TNG regularly in my elementary school, I was surprised to hear a small number of other kids talking about the pilot.
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