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FINAL POLL - December Challenge - Conference Room Inspiration

It's a salt shaker ... no, it's a scalpel!'s a pencil case ... no, it's a communicator!

It's been going on for decades: an everyday item is used as a futuristic prop in a science fiction show or movie, or it inspires the shape of 'things to come' - we've all seen it happen, and this month, B.J. provided the everyday object (assuming you work in an office every day ) and told us to imagine something based upon its lines:

Admit it - you've seen these and other futuristic items and thought, "You know, just paint it another color and add a couple (insert things here) to it, and I'll bet ... " . Well, this was our chance!

Ring out the old year, the "end of the world" that never was, by voting for inspiration for the future! "prop' up our contestants by awarding one the chance to fire up a new year as the first challenger of 2013!



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