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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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However, I still feel the whole "we are sooooo enlightened in the 24th century" shpeel to be unbelievable. Even with that, I like TNG, because I know it's just fiction, as is it idea that the 24th century is full of renaissance men who can all recite Shakespeare and Keats, all have a passion for classical music, and who all can't fathom the idea of human injustice, human violence, or human prejudice.
I'm too cynical to believe in it but I really love that level of optimism. That people will stop being anti-intellectual, cruel morons and team up in the pursuit of knowledge and kindness. That's what appealed to me about TNG as a kid.
I agree with the pursuit of knowledge and kindness. However, to me a person who acts like an intellectual is NOT the same a s a person who acts with intelligence.

Besides, even in the 24th century, not every citizen will necessarily be more intelligent on average than we are today (unless it's through genetic engineering, but that's another thread altogether). There will be some people who are less intelligent than average, and some who are more intelligent than average. Not everyone will be able to be an "intellectual" (which I think is a good thing! ), although hopefully everyone will be free to act with intelligence to the best of their ability.

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I don't think the TNG idea of the 24th century is our future (at least I hope it isn't), but I still enjoy TNG immensely.
I'd say it's more convincing than TOS which seems to think in the future women will be sexually objectified constantly in the work place .

Nah, I actually love the mini-skirts. It seems so weird now that it adds to TOS' escapism factor. Still one of my fave TV shows despite it's flaws.
Sexuality is a human animal thing. It's biological. I don't know if it will ever be eliminated from the workplace, considering that people spend a whole lot of their time in the workplace, and they meet many people of the opposite sex in the workplace. The workplace has become an extension of people's lives. I agree humans should attempt to curtail their sexual desires in the workplace, but it seems perfectly natural for a person to become interested in a co-worker in a purely sexual manner. They just need to control that desire.
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