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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

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Arnold and his one-liners haven't kept me enthralled. Nonetheless, when I caught Total Recall on Redbox, I didn't enjoy it as much. But for me the moment I lost commitment was in the remake's version of the Roy Brocksmith scene. In the original, Brocksmith's character is sweating because he's in fear of his life if he fails to convince Schwarzenegger. In a stroke of poetic justice it gives him away. In the remake, Farrell somehow just knows.
Yeah, that was the most disappointing scene for me as well. No matter how many times I watch the original, I can still find myself actually believing that Brocksmith might be telling the truth-- that Arnold really IS still back at Rekall and dreaming the whole damn thing. Verhoeven's direction, the music, and the performances all do a great job selling you on that idea.

The scene in the remake, though, was just pathetic, and not convincing in the least. The fact it went on as long as it did, with Quaid taking forever to make a decision, only made it worse.
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