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Re: Does It Get Better???

Janeway was the self-parody in a lot of ways. Completely inconsistent, she'll be preachy about her ethics one week and perfectly willing to break them the next week.
I always though that was a woman's prerogative?
I always found that made Janeway the most human.
People in general are inconsistent, especially when faced with new perspective and experiences. Me personal saw every Capt. had to face a trial-Picard with Q, Sisko with the Prophets. Too me Janeway's was too see if she could stick to her morals in an immoral DQ. I think if we wee in her shoes, we probably couldn't always stick to our morals either. I think that's find her to be like Kirk.

Neelix... what a jerk. He forces himself into every situation, has to be the center of attention, gets jealous to the point of stalking, and is generally annoying. Frankly I have no idea why Janeway even trusted him after he lied to them and got them captured in the pilot.
Sounds like a die hard sci-fi fan too me.
Except Neelix is a party animal. Get it-Hahaha!
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