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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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With Kirk you'd likely get both...
I love Kirk as much as anybody but I think Picard sums up what I personally like about Star Trek more than the other captains. Kirk is too driven by his passions. Picard is more about intellect, while still being a man of supreme conscience.

The Inner Light is my favourite episode of all Trek. Closely followed by DS9's The Visitor.

I like TNG a lot (as I do TOS). I love "The Inner Light".

However, I still feel the whole "we are sooooo enlightened in the 24th century" shpeel to be unbelievable. As I said above, I find their ideas of what the 24th century to be like to be creepy in a way, and (as others have pointed out) a little pompous. Even with that, I STILL enjoy TNG, because I know it's just fiction, as is its idea that the 24th century is full of renaissance men who can all recite Shakespeare and Keats, all have a passion for classical music, and who all can't fathom the idea of human injustice, human violence, or human prejudice.

That's why I find it hard to conceive that someone would dislike AbramsTrek over some idealist vision of what THEY think the future will be like. I don't think the TNG idea of the 24th century is our future (at least I hope it isn't), but I still enjoy TNG immensely. So why would Abrams' depiction of the 23rd century cause anyone to automatically dislike his film?
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