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Re: Ron D. Moore about VOY

Well, I now read the whole interview (took a while) and I have to say, I agree on most things with him. And it shows, that Moore is really a writer that follows the legacy of Roddenberry. I remember Michael Piller talking about, how he pitched a story to Gene, and after listening, Gene just asked Piller: "What is the story about?" First Piller didnt understand, but after beeing asked again, it dawned to him, that a story in the Star Trek universe is not just about action or drama, it has to tacle a real and greater social or moral issue and tell something about that issue using the universe of Star Trek as a vehicle to do so. Piller learned that lesson and later applied it to TNG.

And Moore is a story teller, who wants to have every story to be about something and not just action - that's why he disliked VOY, because he felt, the show was not really about something but just easy, action based entertainment - "Fast Food Trek", so to speak.

He pretty much represents the exact same philosophy of Gene Roddenberry's way of telling a story.

I really would like to see Moore as Head-Writer/Producer of the next Trek TV-Show, because that's where Moore can really shine. And he seems to be someone, that respects the core of Trek, but would also throw everything over board and get somehwere completly new with Star Trek - and make a TV show about something again, within the universe of Star Trek.

I have to say: Star Trek had some damn luck with actors, writers and producers, some good people with convictions and heart, that not only regard Star Trek as a paycheck provider, but actually really love the show. Roddenberry, to start with - Piller, Moore.

It's probably not going to happen, but I would love it, if Paramount would go to Moore to make him head of the next TV Trek show. He really would create something special, I am sure.
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