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Re: Was Chakotay a stereotype?

This is a question of semantics.

These are the terms from the 19th century to determine ethnicity in Mexico.

Indios (full blooded natives)

Criollo (full European born in Americas)

Mulato (Spanish and African),

mestizo (Spanish and native),

Negro (full African),

Peninsulare (full Spanish born in Spain).

Obviously I was being too vague by saying that the Spanish from Spain were not Indians when I should have said that the Criollo were not Indians, or whatever the modern day equivalent of that word might be, since it's probably most certainly offensive now.

I never meant the Spanish with a little bit of Indian blood are not Indians, I clearly meant and said that the Spanish with no Indian blood are not Indians, and that was pretty damn obvious and you still decided to bully me as usual. How was I to know that there are no Spanish without Indian blood in South America any more? It's not a very publicized genocide.

I looked at the numbers on wikipedia and google, and it seems that the intermarrying and interbreeding was quite righteous and entrenched, and almost everyone is obviously to any one but me, to be a mixture of Spanish and Indian and it would be quite difficult to find a Criollo whose parents hadn't just arrived by plane from Spain in the last 20 years.

I'm sorry. I apologise. I was wrong and you were right about the interbreeding.

But you were still being obstinate for no reason about the Criollos.
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