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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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And yet TNG wasn't so free of prejudice as it claimed to be, thanks to Roddenberry's blatant anti-theism.
Ehh?? There's a clear difference between judging someone based on how they were born and judging someone on what they believe. Not that I'm saying it's necessarily right to judge someone who chooses to be a theist, but there is quite a distinction between being bothered by someone because of their biology and being bothered because of someone's beliefs. Unless you just mean the show in general being anti-theist, in which case it's just another belief of the creator (har, har) that is promoted in the art, just like it's anti-murder, anti-rape, anti-racist, etc. No prejudice involved.
I love DS9 the most out of the Treks but I had to roll my eyes during my current rewatch when Sisko warned Jake that writing off the views of insane, babbling, uncivilised crackpot witches was a form of ignorant fundamentalist intolerance and that all beliefs are equally valid.
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