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Re: Putting the Shatner "ego issue" from TOS to rest


My wife and I just went to a Star Trek convention in San Francisco. We had VIP passes, which included private time with all the stars. Here's what we heard:

George Takei talked about how William Shatner went on the radio talking about how insulted he was that he was not invited to George's wedding (we met his husband Brad, and he was a very cool guy). George said that several months later, when asked, Shatner could not name George's husband. He then asked the crowd "How concerned could he be when he didn't even know my husband's name?? Why would we invite him? He doesn't know us!"

George was asked if any of his castmates knew he was gay. He replied "One day on set, Walter (Keonig) pointed out a particularly handsome extra, and that's when I knew that he knew." So Walter knew George was gay during the 60's, was cool with it, and even tried to hook him up!

I personally saw George and Walter exchange a big, genuine hug backstage. It was obvious to me they were close.

Take that for what you will.

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^ They may be, but for my money, I'd much rather see a group of people like the TNG cast who get together on stage, have a lot of fun, and obviously love each other. That's far more entertaining in my book than hearing embittered actors air their dirty laundry.
At the same convention, we saw many TNG actors. And yes, they were all very affectionate with each other. They appeared onstage together, messed with each other, danced with each other, etc. Brent Spiner came to the microphone when LeVar Burton as onstage and messed with him. Marina Sirtis messed with Brent Spiner. We had our picture taken with all of them, and they were genuinely happy to see each other. TNG definitely has Esprit de Corps.
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