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Re: Does It Get Better???

TNG and VOY are left in the dust in the competition to accompany teacake to Risa. The winner of an all expense paid week long resort stay in my presence goes to DS9. My 7 nights of luxurious hedonism will be spent with these lucky people!

Julian Bashir: Just enough wide eyed wonderment left in the man to really enjoy the sparkle of the place, plus he does love to kick back and relax. I'd be charmed to end up trapped in conversation with him.

Ezri Dax: She's adventurous without being a lunatic but cute enough to draw a crowd of (presumably) interesting people. She's that bubbly friend I have to bring along to drag me out of my observer status.

Quark: So far on this trip we're all dorks and we need Quark to slip his latinum and lobes around so we get to do that extra special cool stuff we would be too dorky to find ourselves. Also I've always had some hots for Quark and he's a nice diversion when Julian gets too angsty.

Mr. Homm: For fetching stuff. And hanging our clothes on when we go swimming.

Odo is BANNED from coming.

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