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Hope 2013 is better than 2012 was.
Started a new job today as the maintenance guy at a hotel. It feels good to have a job again where I'm active and working with tools. I kind of really hated doing office work. Also my boss is a really nice guy and only very mildly annoying, easily tolerable. I also have a lot more autonomy than I'm used to which I'm going to enjoy.

Also, at the party I was at New Years Eve I met a girl I like a lot. That happens pretty often, but she also likes me a lot, which doesn't happen as often. We stayed up talking for hours after everyone else when to bed, then we went to bed. I fell asleep with her in my arms, and I'm not disappointed that we kept our clothes on the whole time; it was a good enough experience as it was, and that never happens.

So, yeah, 2013 is awesome so far. Let's see how the other 363 days go.
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