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Re: Favorite Season Two Episodes

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On the flipside, my most despised of season 2:

1. Shades of Gray
2. The Outrageous Okona
3. The Child
4. Pen Pals
5. Samaritan Snare

(Interesting, 4 of the 5 feature a lot of Wesley Crusher ) The Dauphin is #6.
Hmmmm......interesting.....I'd go:

1. The Royale: Cheesy, and frankly boring, I thought. (Worst)
2. Where Silence Has Lease: Not bad, just very slow moving. I'm not a fan of "ship gets lost in something they encounter in space and tries to escape" episodes.
3. Elementary, Dear Data: Had a hard time getting into this one...

I didn't think anything from season 2 was unwatchable, these were just my least favorites from the bunch.
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