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Re: Anyone have any good reason for ship registry changes?

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My first exposure to wikipedia was reading the article on the USN carrier, and some idiot had edited it to say that after the ship's heroics in WWII, the US Navy had made a regulation declaring that there would always be an Enterprise, and that it would be the flagship of the navy!
Back when CVN-65's decommisioning was announced, there was an online petition for the next carrier to be named Enterprise with some people who signed it referring to CVN-65 as the Navy's flagship.

Also of note, the Canadian Coast Guard actually does have a flagship. Read about it here. And there's even a press release about a new flagship here. Although I'm told that since the Canadian Coast Guard is a civilian agency, its use of the term flagship is different than the military one.

Hmm, did I just add fodder to the "is Starfleet military?" debate?
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