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Re: Do you think Star Trek needed a reboot?

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Honestly, I don't remember TOS explaining the physics behind how the Guardian of Forever worked, or the Atavachron, or Janice Lester's mind-transfer device, or whatever the Kelvans used to turn the crew into paperweights. Star Trek has never really been about rigorous hard science fiction, especially if it gets in the way of an exciting space opera adventure/morality play/drama/comedy/horror story . . . .
I would agree except that in all of your examples we are lead to believe that however magical such things appear to us, they are either based on the technology or natural abilities of the characters in question. In ST09 we are expected to believe either in a string of extremely unlikely events or that the very universe is selectively helping he writers out. Well, there was that suggestion about Q for which we see no support in the movie.

And, unless I missed something, the new movie still takes place in a future that basically works, where people from diverse backgrounds and worlds come together for the common good. Where people aspire to explore the cosmos as part of a United Federation of Planets. Sounds like STAR TREK to me . . . .
I have never said ST09 isn't superficially similar to Star Trek. It's when we get down to what actually happens in the movie the problems start.

As for turning "utopian" into a straw man, you may use the word in a less literal sense (which I applaud), ...
I try not to use it at all, but thankyou.

... but I've seen endless debates on this very board about whether such and such episode or movie or book is "utopian" enough, or people stating confidently that there should be no disease or conflict or personal failings or political corruption or casual sex or child abuse or whatever in the perfect utopian world of STAR TREK, which bears little resemblance to the universe depicted in TOS.
Well, no doubt like yourself, I'm not too concerned with the views of people who have clearly never seen TOS.

So, yeah, I do think it's possible to get carried away with the "utopian" thing, at the expense of telling stories like "Conscience of the King" or "Is There in Truth No Beauty?" or "The Enemy Within" or "Court-Martial" or "The Ultimate Computer" that explore both the dark and light sides of the 23rd Century . . .
Without reviewing those eps, I can't recall the pertinent details (and the devil is usually in the details as many manage to forget when claiming that if, for example, if you've seen one bar fight, you've seen them all). But I would say that I am not talking about shades of grey or difficault situations. I'm happy if someone recognises there is a problem and does what they can to ameliorate it. Nor of course should Starfleet seem to be the one sweeping things under the carpet when there isn't even a good reason to do so.

Franklin wrote: View Post
It presented a better world, but never a utopia.

And, while Earth may even seem like a paradise full of comfort and no worries for its 23rd century inhabitants, I have a feeling Cumberbatch is about blow that myth to bits and show how naive and complacent that attitude really is. (If the destruction of Vulcan and probably being just minutes from Earth's own destruction didn't destroy that myth, already.)
I'm assuming that that part of your post was not intended to have a bearing on what I am talking about?
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