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Re: A longpig sandwich

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This does beg the question whether or not humans ever really have to eat ANYTHING that was ever alive? Why limit it to animals when replicators are just as capable of replicating plants. There could be an entire social movement on Earth advocating complete human removal from the food chain.
There mus still be a demand for actual food, since replicated food is often said to be inferior to the genuine article. Though I suppose there might be a minority who prefer to eat only replicated food.
Yes.. but truthfully a lot of people today have diets quite removed from actual food. Sometimes I read the "what are you eating" thread in Misc and it depresses me, the days upon days of processed crap people ingest. Europeans posting there notably eat much better. People gave up real food very quickly when processed, easy, instant food was in front of them.

I think the incredible ease of replicators and the ability to make everything exactly to your taste and yet not have it bad for you will pretty much wipe out cooking the way making your own clothes is now reduced to hobby level. The reason people bitched about Neelix's cooking was not because it was terrible but because it was out of their control.. they have been spoiled by always having everything exactly to their tastes.

I imagine kids growing up and the parent deciding to have roast beef and vegies for dinner.. and everyone gets their own plate of this because the replicator has saved everyone's preferences. Little Johnny's potatoes are much more buttery than his siblings, Dad's roast is rare and Mom's is well done.. you wouldn't even have the simple lack of control involved in leaving the roast in the oven for too long and so tonight it is slightly less to your taste.

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Yeah what the heck do they mix their synthe-rum with?
Sluggo Cola, LOL.. with 48% real Algae.

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