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Re: Does It Get Better???

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Interesting, I never got the impression that you found the characters on Voy. cartoonish from your reviews.
I found Pulaski kind of a bigot the way she treated Data.
You would think she didn't grow up with technology at all the way she acted toward it and him. How did she ever pass a psych evaluation to be put on a diplomatic vessel like the Enterprise if she didn't always respect the chain of command or except a new life form?
She was somewhat of a bigot at first, yes, but one of the reasons I found her so endearing was because she eventually came to recognize that her treatment of Data was wrong. By the end of her only season on the show she and Data were great pals. I thought she was very likable, and her occasional conflicts with Picard and Data made her interesting, among a group of characters who seemingly always got along.

And about my cartoonish comments, what I meant by that was that the characters were very one-sided. They were given personality traits early on, and the writers pretty much stuck to them and didn't really develop the characters into round, complex, and unique individuals. Maybe cartoonish was the wrong word to use because they didn't behave immaturely necessarily.....but on the other hand I feel it's not entirely inappropriate either. I need to formulate this a bit more....
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