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Re: Does It Get Better???

Good points, everyone. I personally thought the TNG characters were far more real. They carried out their duties with extreme professionalism, which to some may have been misconstrued as stuffiness. But in their off hours when they had a chance to relax I thought they were very fun and engaging people. They played games like poker, spent time on the holodeck, made and listened to music, and socialized with one another in Ten Forward. If I were on the Enterprise I would behave just like they did.
To me the Voyager characters seemed far more cartoonish, and the lack of any real development in most of the characters made them seem very unreal to me.
I'll agree TNG had plenty of flaws. The first season was extremely uneven, and some characters like Geordi and Crusher were underdeveloped, but on the other hand you had terrific characters like Picard, Data, Riker, and Worf who changed so much over the course of the show. These are the characters who made me fall in love with the show......oh, and can't forget my favorite doctor, Kathryn Pulaski!
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