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Re: Jesco von Puttkamer has died.

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I know he was listed as "Special Science Advisor" in the closing credits of TMP. But does anyone here know what his actual role on the film was? How much input did he have into it?
He was apparently very involved in advising Roddenberry on the science and futurist aspects of the film. Everything from how warp drive worked to the way the pacific costline cold have changed from earthquakes and liquefaction. Not everything was used both out of practicality and budget.

I remember the poster Great Mombo Chicken/Mr Stinkey Pants/The God Thing back in the day make mention of GR having filling cabinets full of notes, letters, and such from JvP.
It may very well be that the new system will be a better system, but it's not one that should be mandatory and imposed by the courts.
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