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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Well I finished Spec Ops earlier today... what a mindfuck.

Aye. That it is. I bought Spec Ops: The Line during the holiday sale on Amazon. It was $10 for Spec Ops and both of the Bioshock games. Fantastic game.

Now that I've had a break from the Assassin's Creed games, I'm probably going to get back into 3. I'm somewhere in sequence 2 or 3. It's probably heretical, but I wasn't as fond as Ezio as I was expecting. I love the character and his story arc in AC2, but didn't care so much about it in Brotherhood. Rome and the Desmond parts of the story were great, though. Maybe if I had a year to wait in between games I would have liked them more, but I was feeling a bit fatigued with the Ezio story by the time I got into Revelations.

3 is a nice change of pace so far, at least for character and setting. I've read from the comments in the other thread that Conner isn't as interesting. Altair wasn't as interesting as Ezio, but I still liked his character. I wouldn't mind if they continue jumping around with new characters and eras in the animus from game to game.
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